Welcome to Transforming Math Class! 

Here you will discover a ton of resources, gain a deeper understanding of how students learn mathematics, and get inspired to take a risk or two in your classroom!

“In mathematics, the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.” Georg Cantor

Some of the major themes we’ll be exploring:

  • Shifting from teaching math to students to exploring math with students
  • Creating time in the classroom
  • Identifying and supporting a variety of challenges for all of your students
  • The cognitive underpinnings of “simple” math tasks
  • Identifying your teaching bias and curriculum mishaps
  • Cultivating a classroom culture that encourages failure and deep thinking
  • Discover why the history of math is more than a side-page in a text book

This will be a non-linear journey, but eventually, there will be a framework available to make it easier to navigate!


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